Seattle Company Issued Patent for First-Ever
Puncture-resistant Wine Bag for Airline Travel

New technology allows passengers to travel worry-free with their wine bottles.

Vinarmour™ Inc, a wine-travel accessories company in Seattle, has been issued a patent for the first collapsible, soft, protective wine bag for travel. Company officials state that they will be using the new technology in the release of their new Vinarmour Wine Carrier, which was launched in December, 2021.
Until now, all wine bags have been susceptible to puncture and leakage, which could damage the surrounding contents of one’s luggage. The Vinarmour Carrier is reinforced with Kevlar® and Dyneema®, both of which are commonly used in protective body armor for military law enforcement personnel, to resist puncture.
The carrier also contains a layer of Poron XRD® foam, which absorbs 90% of impact energy. All other soft collapsible wine travel bags have a seal made from soft plastic, which is also susceptible to rupture from broken bottle fragments. The Vinarmour closure system is unique as it is composed from a PC/ABS polymer, which is impenetrable to broken glass.
Brian Hart, the founder and CEO of the company said, “When we designed the carrier, we knew we could make it the most protective wine carrier on the market, but what we are most proud of is the fact that it is simply a beautiful piece. One can use it to take their wine anywhere — to bring a bottle into an upscale restaurant, on a picnic, or over to a friend’s for dinner, all while maintaining the temperature of the wine better than a neoprene tote.”
Company officials launched the Vinarmour Carrier in mid-December, selling primarily through e-commerce on their website and a handful of select retailers in Washington and California.
About Vinarmour Inc.: Vinarmour is a premium wine accessories company based in Seattle, WA.  It specializes in manufacturing high-end products for luxury travelers and wine enthusiasts, and is committed to using American suppliers and labor to market their products. For more information about Vinarmour visit their website:  Or, if you would prefer to talk to a live person, feel free to call Brian Hart directly at (206) 719-1818.