Water from Wine Opens Second Tasting Room in Leavenworth

Pat Tucker (founder of Water from Wine) is making a difference throughout the world by helping to fund the construction of water pumps like the one he installed on the front lawn of his winery in Paterson, WA.

Water from Wine, a non-profit winery headquartered in Paterson, WA., has opened a second tasting room in The Wine Cellar at 217 9th street in Leavenworth.

As a nonprofit, Water from Wine isn’t your typical winery. It was born out of a passion to address the global water crisis: water scarcity affecting over 650 million people around the world. Water from Wine’s mission is to fund clean water projects through the sale of their wine. The profit from every bottle sold is donated to clean water projects, giving customers the opportunity to choose which organization is funded through their wine purchase.

“No human being should have to go without clean water. No parent should have to worry about their children getting sick and dying because the only water they have to drink is contaminated,” says founder Pat Tucker.

“There are so many nonprofit organizations out there that are trying to do something to address this problem, and I wanted to help fund those projects.”

“We have a quality product we’re proud of and that people enjoy, and we want to do something meaningful with the profit we bring in from those sales.”

Since January 2017 Water from Wine has donated a total of $120,000 to organizations like Water1st International, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization building piped water systems in Honduras, Mozambique, Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

Water from Wine achieved nonprofit status in 2014 and for the first few years focused on building a network of dedicated volunteers who return each year to help harvest the organization’s 6-acre vineyard in Paterson. The annual harvest has become a fun, family-oriented activity that allows supporters to take a hands-on approach to their involvement. The winery and tasting room opened in 2017, shortly after the December 2016 release of Water from Wine’s first vintage.

Water from Wine’s award-winning 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, made by renowned winemaker Charlie Hoppes, with grapes from Water from Wine’s own vineyard, was their first and only wine released up to now. However, the winery has a Pinot Gris, a Rosé and a Sauvignon Blanc it began releasing when their new tasting room in Leavenworth opened on June 1.

Water from Wine joins Patterson Cellars, Isenhower Cellars, Basel Cellars, Sigillo Cellars and Napeequa Vintners in The Wine Cellar.  To learn more about Water from Wine’s mission to fund clean water projects throughout the globe, visit: www.waterfromwine.org. Or call Pat Tucker at (509) 832-0081.