Woodinville Visitor Center Has New Home
in Wine Alley at Woodin Creek Village

The new Woodinville Visitor Center (above left) is located in the Woodin Creek Village development at 13590 NE Village Square Drive, Suite 1030. You can reach the Visitor Center by calling (425) 287-6820.

Woodinville Wine Country has moved its offices, as well as the Woodinville Visitor Center, to Wine Alley at Woodin Creek Village in the heart of Woodinville’s Downtown District.

“For the past five years, the Woodinville Visitor Center has been operating out of the Hollywood District,” explained Amber Schmitt, Executive Director of Woodinville Wine Country.  “That location was a great home to the Woodinville Visitor Center, which was a joint venture between Woodinville Wine Country and the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce.  But now, both organizations have found new homes, and the Visitor Center will be operated out of the new Wine Country location.”

“Woodinville’s Downtown District is growing fast and Woodin Creek Village is the perfect location for tourism activities,” Schmitt added.  “Woodinville Wine Country is thrilled to have a new home at Woodin Creek Village alongside a dozen of our tasting room and restaurant partners.”

Woodin Creek Village is home to 11 wineries, several cafes and restaurants, multiple paved and natural walking paths, and the central plaza, which is the venue for many seasonal and reoccurring events. Wineries that have already opened tasting rooms in Woodin Creek Village, or are scheduled to open tasting rooms in the complex in the near future are Ambassador Wines, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Tsillan Cellars, Rooted Souls Winery, Baer Winery, Ancestry Cellars, Adams Bench Winery, Truth Teller Winery, Brian Carter Cellars, Bayernmore Cellars and Rocky Pond Winery.

“The concept that we came back to time and time again when developing Woodin Creek Village was to create a gathering place for residents and visitors alike,” said Dean Weidner, Chairman of Weidner Apartment Homes and owner/operator of Woodin Creek Village.  “We worked with intentionality to bring an outdoor experience in an urban setting while preserving natural habitats, enhancing walkability, providing for al fresco social activities, and curating commercial tenants that are regional leaders in their respective sectors.”

Schmitt agrees. “We hope to be the first stop for visitors, as well as locals, when planning a trip to Woodinville. With our new central location, we will be able to provide better recommendations to our guests as they explore all Woodinville has to offer.”

Truth Teller Winery has relocated its Woodinville tasting room to Woodin Creek Village at 13590 N.E. Village Square Dr., Unit 1045. For current hours and directions to the tasting room, call (425) 985-3568.

“Woodin Creek will be a great new home for Woodinville Wine Country,” said Gary Harris, Mayor of Woodinville.  “While the old location in the Hollywood District was nice, this location is more central to all the different wine tasting areas that Woodinville has to offer. You are literally not more than ten minutes away from any wine tasting district in our city.”

“There are also eleven additional tasting rooms and three restaurants soon to be opened in the Woodinville Civic Center, about a five-minute walk away,” Harris added. “Woodin Creek has had several tasting rooms and eateries open in the last few weeks and the atmosphere there is very friendly and causal. The staff at Woodinville Wine Country is knowledgeable and can easily direct you  to where you wish to visit.”

“The Woodinville Visitor Center will continue to provide a location for visitors and locals to learn about all there is to experience in Woodinville,” said Schmitt.  “All the ingredients are here: authentic beverage makers, fine cuisine around every bend, a diverse downtown, and the beauty of the Sammamish River Valley. Is it any wonder Woodinville has become a year-round magnet for activities of every kind?  With the re-opening and relocation of the Woodinville Visitor Center, our staff will have the opportunity to guide the visitor’s experience in this world-class destination, leaving them feeling welcome and glad they made the decision to visit.”

The new Woodinville Visitor Center is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 13590 NE Village Square Drive, Suite 1030, Woodinville, WA 98072. (425) 287-6820.

About Woodinville Wine Country Association

Woodinville Wine Country Association is a group of vintners and affiliates that represents the growing presence of the Washington state wine industry in the Greater Woodinville area. The association’s mission is to create a world-class wine destination, and a supportive and profitable environment for Washington vintners and affiliates.